What It Takes To Make Slabs!

Most of our clients have a lot of questions about what it takes to make slabs. In order to start serving you with professionalism and integrity, we have gathered together the process.

  1.   Pay to cut it down

    $500 to $5000

  2. $    Pay to haul it to the mill

    $150 to $450 Average

  3. $    Pay to cut it into slabs

    $25 to $50 each

  4.   Pay to haul it to the kiln

    $200 to $500

  5. $    Pay to kiln dry

    $75 to $125 each

  6.   Pay to haul it to the sander

  7. $    Pay to sand

    $120 per hour

  8. $    Pay to haul to your house, stack and sticker


  9. You will lose 1 – 3 slabs 

    Due to cracks and or rot in the heart.

  10. Your customer will always want the one on the bottom in the back